High School 

Dr. Karlene Richardson

This autobiographical book is the story of the Dr. Richardson’s experience as a young immigrant from Jamaica. She details her journey of homelessness after being kicked out of her mother’s house. Her journey as a homeless teen on the streets of Brooklyn began after being raped, resulting in a pregnancy that she did not abort. The author chronicles her experience of living on the ‘A’ line subway, in an abandoned building, and begging for quarters on the streets of Brooklyn to feed her daughter. The author provokes readers’ thoughts as she takes readers through various emotions with details of her life as a victim of rape, a teen mother, a hustler, and an abused spouse; eventually turning to God where she sought refuge. 

She could have let her disastrous journey dictate her future. Instead, she persevered earning a doctorate in health administration and becoming a professor who motivates her students with her story. The intent of the book is to shed light on issues people are ashamed to confront. Each chapter takes readers through the pain felt, but conquered. 

Dr. Richardson’s captivating story is a vivid reminder of strategically planning the journey to success. That despite the turmoil in your life, failures and deceptions, you too, can become successful, and move from your current situatedness, going From Gutter To Glory!

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